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Hello, I'm Aurora and I live in Madrid.

My artistic training began with textile techniques: weaving in a high-loom work (Gobelins technique), "basse lisse", modern tapestry, bobbin lace ... and from there, nothing escapes from my hands: hook, painting and, of course, picture.

My passion for photography and the birth of my daughters mark my beginning in the scrapbooking world: the need for me to keep all those moments that I was living with them led me to this exciting world.

Gradually, what began as a simple hobby became my job; at first, by collaborating in different projects, exhibitions or the DTs of some brands and Spanish scrapbooking shops, and now with the workshops, which take up most of my time.

I love scrapbooking, it's part of my life, it's my passion. I love it so much, because it includes everything: you can cut paper, sew, bind, colour, use stencils, decorate with a flower made with hook, a silhouette in Fimo ... Everything is good. And, of course, I love Mixed Media, which is for me the most creative space, with the Art Journal, in the lead.


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